Our CPA partners

At Simple Mortgage our mission is to provide access to low cost home loans. We believe in transparency, communication and e ciency from initial rate quote through closing. We’d like to extend these same benefits to your clients who are looking to buy a home or refinance through our CPA origination platform.

Partnering with Simple Mortgage to o er mortgage services will increase retention, create more referrals for your core business and drive additional revenue for your firm.

Why Simple Mortgage is The Simple Choice for Your Clients

There are a lot of lenders to choose from, but not all lenders are created equal. From product mix to pricing loan options vary, choosing the wrong lender costs time and money. As a mortgage brokerage we work with hundreds of lenders with thousands of loan programs. We deliver the right loan product for the right price for every borrower, every time. In addition to our price ad- vantage, we have

Cutting Edge Technology and Systems

Customers love our intuitive, user-friendly technology. Our tech platform does the heavy lifting so our CPA partners don’t have to.

Customer Oriented Culture

Building a succesful CPA firm means putting relationships before profit by o ering sound advice for every client. We’ve cultivated a customer-oriented culture to complement the way you do business.

Radically Transparent Process

We developed a mortgage origination platform that puts the borrower in control and eliminates typical industry costs while keeping all parties up to date through closing.

Why Simple Mortgage
Why Simple Mortgage

Will I Need to Learn a New Industry?

You focus on your relationship with your client, we provide systems to quote live rates, drip market and send an alert when there is an opportunity to save money. Our thoughtful technology is taking apart the old mortgage infrastructure and replacing it with a streamlined process to change the way your client will get a mortgage.

The process to get a mortgage is changing. Automation and data science is increasing e ciency in the mortgage space leading to transparency and lower costs. Our platform allows you to originate loans from your existing relationships without being a loan expert.

What’s the Rate?

Our platform allows you to answer this common question quickly and e ciently in the normal course of your work day.

Let us show you how answering this question will fund your retirement. Click below to book a 30 minute online meeting and add mortgage services to your CPA practice.

We’re just getting started. We are committed to better tech and better practices to change the industry and we want you along for the ride.

Schedule a meeting with our loan officer today or call Stuart at

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